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May 2023

Trade Show Booth Design Proposal

Asset 11boothangle1-8.png
Asset 12-8.png
Asset 13-8.png

The NAB 2023 trade show booth should mirror the breadth of their music collection and appeal to internet content creators and mainstream broadcast producers alike. It should invite creators in to the brand as a space for curiosity, storytelling, wonder, and artistry.

The concept for this booth is a hybrid library coffee shop. It is a play on the idea of music “library”, while also atmospherically exuding the creativity and productivity that comes with a coffee shop.

The booth is designed to be entered from the front left and right sides.

Attendees can

  • use the self-serve coffee station and make a cup of coffee     using the travel mug tchotchkes.

  • sit and scan QR codes from cards on the table to visit the exclusive Trade Show sample offerings on their phone.

  • browse the coffee table book.

  • search for music on the TV and connect Bluetooth earbuds.


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