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November 2022

Educational Physics Documentary

Medium: Adobe After Effects, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop

Intro Graphics Support

Lower Third and Transition Graphic Design

Cyclotron Lower Third Example3.png
Cyclotron Transition Slides example.png
Cyclotron Transition Slides.png

Textured background for still photos/graphics

bubble path i used.jpeg
Asset 4_2x.png

End curve design inspired by the path particles take when they hit a bubble chamber. Scientific accuracy was very important to client as he would be presenting to the scientific community.


Downward motion of the red dot target mimics the explosive motion that occurs when a particle hits a target after moving through the cyclotron.

Reference image from

Asset 4_2x.png

Swirl design inspired by the motion of a real cyclotron.

Reference image from

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